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In 2001, under the scientific supervision of a doctor of technical sciences, professor V.G. Pravdin, a modern, innovative Russian enterprise was established for the development and production of bioproducts for fodder production, crop farming and sanitary-hygienic biologics for microbiological transformation of waste.
Several million tons of animal feed are produced annually in Russia using the produced probiotic feed additives. The biological activity of our feed additives allows us to achieve the complete phase-out of feed antibiotics. This results in deriving antibiotic-free livestock products.
Used in combination with other measures,  the biological products help to ensure positive technical and economic indicators of work in agriculture, the fulfillment of veterinary and sanitary requirements for the operation of livestock complexes and poultry farms, guaranteed environmental protection from pollution.
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Pravdin Valeriy

Head of science


Pravdin Igor



Kravcova Lubov

Vice director