Feed Additive and organic sorbent
Bacitox enhances metabolism and assimilation of nutrient materials of the diet. By correcting biocenose of gastrointestinal tract and enhancing ruminal digestion, it provides neutralisation of mycotoxins, stimulates growth and morphosis, increases survivability and production performance of animals.
Our sorbent stimulates immune and metabolic processes, enhances digestion by means of given and synthesized enzymes. Total activity of major enzyme groups increases by 16 to 28 per cent (including phytase). Release of probiotic cultures in the form of biofilms provides high activity of the latter and synthesis of the enzymic complex in conditions of effect of the bacterial protease in rumen.
Bacitox corrects biocenose in GIT, enhances assimilation of nutrient materials of the diet, stimulates their growth and morphosis, neutralises mycotoxins, it has high medical and biological properties, provides “biological protection” and increasing of animal production performance.
microbiological ferilizer
Feed Additive contains organic sorbents, probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, medicinal herbs.
What advanteges ?
Replacement of feed antibiotics
An efficient medicine for prevention of dyspepsia in calves
Increase in weight gain of animal
Increases average daily gain of young stock by 9–18%
efficient feed supplement
Increases average daily milk production up to 2 liters per forage-fed cow
The efficiency of using Bacitox
What are our results?
For the test, three groups of cows of different breeds were selected. The increase in feed intake increased by 10%. An increase in productivity of 1.5 liters of milk per day was observed. Increase in ruminant periods. As well as improving the appearance of animals.
The efficiency of using Bacitox