Complex microbiological fertilizer
Biogor KM series microbiological fertiliser is a set of useful microorganisms with probiotic, cellulose-decomposing, nitrogen-fixing and phosphate-mobilising capacities like lactic-acid microorganisms contained in the fertiliser assist in normalisation of soil microbiocenosis.
Nitrogen-fixing microorganisms assist in plant development due to additional use of atmospheric nitrogen and the group of useful soil microorganisms assist in enhancement of phosphorus and other mineral elements taking.
microbiological ferilizer
For a more rational and convenient use, microbiological fertilizer Biogor KM is available in liquid and solid preparative forms
What advanteges ?
increase of crop yield
Increases in crop yield and products quality
all-season fertilizer
Can be applied throughout the growing season
enviromental freindliness
Very high economic return and environmental friendliness of the preparation
Dosages of application
Type Dosage Crop, time, aspects of application
1–2 l (kg)/ha Consumption of solution is 300 l/ha All crops — soil application before cultivation or before sowing
Biogor-Zh, KM series 0.2–1.0 l(kg)/ton. Consumption of solution is 10 l/ton Grain, pulse, industrial, forage crops — seed treatment
0.3–3.0 l (kg)/ha Consumption of solution is 300 l/ha All crops — leaf fertilising of plants for 1–3 times during the vegetation period
Biogor-S, KM series 2.5–5.0 l(kg)/1000 l of water Solution consumption depends on irrigation rate All crops — leaf fertilising of plants during the vegetation period (with irrigation water)
  • Seed treatment

    To obtain well-developed seedlings with a strong root system. The rate of use of the preparation is 0.5-1.0 l (kg)/t of seeds.

  • The early phases of crop development

    For the formation of quantitative parameters (the number of grains in the ear, the number of stems on the plant, etc.).The rate of use of the preparation is 0.5-1.0 l (kg)/ha of crops.

  • The late phases of crop development

    To improve crop quality (content of sugar, oil, gluten, protein, starch, etc.).The rate of use of the preparation is 0.5-1.0 l (kg)/ha of crops.

  • Soil treatment

    The first one during the phase of the first 4 leaves and then in 5–7 days for vegetable and fruit and berry crops and flowers and during the period of cultivation for cultivated crops.

effective microbiological fertilizers
The efficiency of using Biogor
What are our results?
A test of the Biogor preparation on rice was performed. The drug was used three times: the first time on the seeds, the second and third times processed on the leaves. An increase in total yield and resistance to adverse environmental factors were noted.
The efficiency of using Biogor
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