New generation feed suplement
ProStor is a new generation synbiotic feed supplement that provides biodefense for the body of animals, poultry and fish, together with an increase in their productivity by improving feed conversion, stimulating metabolic and immune processes.
ProStor is produced using unique biotechnologies; it contains immobilized on a phytosorbent live cultures with products of their metabolism, echinacea and milk thistle. Due to the fact that live Bacillus cells are protected by the structures of pectin complexes, they are practically not affected by the negative influence of acidic environment of the stomach and high temperature during granulation of compound feeds. Medicinal herbs give the product a special biological value and provide high efficiency with minimal supplementation rates.
One of the promising ways of using "Prostor" is opportunity to increase fish productivity in intense artificial breeding of aquaculture facilities. Industrial conditions of fish farming are fundamentally different from the natural habitat conditions: fish deprived of natural food, disrupted self-purification of water, increased levels organic pollution of water and the number of pathogenic bacteria in the aquatic environment.
The introduction of live bacteria and their metabolites into feed has a diverse effect both on the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract and on metabolic functions the body of animals, including fish. Attention to Probiotics Recently increased significantly due to increased antibiotic resistance of fish and the search for alternatives to antibiotics
probiotic for animals
ProStor is a synbiotic that combines the action of pro- and prebiotics, biologically active substances, and medicinal herbs, which altogether ensure guaranteed high economic efficiency
What advanteges ?
probiotics against antibiotics
Replacement of feed antibiotics
increase weight of animal
Increase in weight gain and stimulation of immunity
efficient probiotic
Efficiency: the benefit-cost ratio is 3:1-8:1
Object of application Dosage, kg/t
Piglets (up to 2 months), adult pigs 0.5-1.0
Broilers, laying hens 0.25-0.5
Cattle 1.0
Fish 1.0-2.0
The efficiency of using ProStor
What are our results?
An experiment was performed on calves of 3 days, 30 days, 60 days of age. Prostor has established itself as a very effective product that stimulates the growth and development of cattle and enhances immune status.
The efficiency of using ProStor