conservancy of silage


Brand new conservation ferment
Silvit-B is the silage fermentation agent, green fodder haylage, grain and industrial processing waste conservation ferment. The biopreservative contains lactic acid bacteria that produce lactic and propionic acid, Bacillus subtilis bacteria, which have probiotic properties, and also the property of suppressing the reproduction of bacteria of the Clostridia genus.
The preparation contains strains of probiotic organisms Bacillus subtillis (three strains), Bacillus licheniformis, which are protected by the structures of pectin complexes, and are practically not negatively affected by the acidic environment of the stomach and high temperature during granulation of compound feeds.
The lactic acid bacteria Lactobaccillus plantarum contained in the preparation are characterized by increased acid formation and osmotolerance. The number of bacteria per 1 g of silage is not less than 100000 CFU.
preservative for silage
A complex of contained enzymes (protease, amylase, lipase) increases the digestibility of hardly digestible but essential nutrients in the ration with a high fiber content.
What advanteges ?
conservation bactarias
The preparation contains bacteria not in anabiosis but in active state, so their conservation activity is quite sufficient for immediate practical use.
loss of nutrients
The use of the preparation provides rapid acidification of the preserved mass, which significantly reduces the loss of nutrients
Dosage and preparation of working solution
For silage, haylage For preserving grain and processing waste
Silvit V - 70-200 ml/t Silvit V - 100-200 ml/t
Silvit Forte 20-30 ml/t Silvit Forte 60-70 ml/t
new eco plant
24 July
New Manufacturing Plant Construction
In July 2019, in order to increase the production capacity of STC BIO LLC, the construction of a new plant began.
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silage concentrates
27 July
The production of concentrates has begun.
In the month of July 2019, STC BIO LLC launched the sale of new microbiological preparations: Silvit Concentrate for making silage and haylage from green feed...
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eco award
14 June
A new award of STC BIO LLC
In June 2019, the annual regional contest Entrepreneur of the Year was held.
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